My name is Chetina Harris-Simmons,CEO and founder of Ashai Inc. My aspiration in life is to help teens and young adults achieve their financial goals and succeed at creating a happy and confident lifestyle. For 10+ years I have been involved in community service and volunteer work, whether that be soup kitchens, aids/cancer walks, cleaning, and beautifying historical parks.


 I was an environmentalist in 2015, working for Student Conservation Association  an organization that beautified parks such as Randall’s Island and Governors Island, a waitress at Ichiran, a Japanese ramen spot where I was taught the meaning of tradition and cultures, IKEA was where I was taught how to budget my finances, handle money and the importance of constructive criticism and growth; at Old Navy, I was taught how to make sales, meet goals, stay consistent, how to stay in good standing with credit cards ,time management and the importance of teamwork. All of these qualifications and skill sets that I have obtained over the years are what led me to create this company. 


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